About the Author

Jeff MastersJeff Masters is a lifelong Michigan resident who has found his niche as a respected and trusted credit manager / accountant in the Detroit metropolitan area. For twenty years he has worked in the construction industry for building materials suppliers, and possesses considerable experience in full charge commercial credit extension, collections, work-out agreements, contract law, and what many generally refer to as Michigan Lien Law.

The contributions you see are reflections on experiences either first hand or through several contacts and peers in southeast Michigan. The blog posts on this website are of course educational in nature. If the reader has time to indulge and reflect, eyes may be opened as to some of the real life challenges, stories, successes, and failures that happen behind the scenes of a construction credit manager.

Michigan Construction Lien Services LLC conducts title searches, notices, construction liens, and other related activities quickly and accurately for several construction-related companies both in and out of the state.

There is no substitute for knowing the local county customs and while many national web-based sites advertise work in all states, we choose to stick with what we know and are accustomed to. A lien should be bulletproof and a good attorney will have no problem in the courtroom with a perfected lien. Make no mistake – you really do get what you pay for.

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