Experience has its advantages, and there are never fewer than two good, solid events in a busy workweek to learn from.  I analyze perhaps deeper than most others.  I tend to look well beyond the simple solution to any given problem to “root out” what either caused the problem in the first place, or figure out how to fix and avoid the situation again.  I’ve been at this a while, so I’ve had many events to ponder in my time.  Why, some I’ve even caused!

So, I’m stretching a little in the next series of articles and will offer up some insights for those who are tasked to go above and beyond their duties in accounting, office management, receivables, credit, and collection.  The information may not be directed specifically to lien law and procedures, but should contribute some back-office acumen to those in their sophomore years with their company.

To my thinking, possessing experience in several different industries is a plus when it comes to overall management and approaches to facilitating internal growth and maturity in virtually any given company or challenge.  As a matter of fact it also helps that individual by adding character, confidence and strength in most everything he/she does which in turn provides more than just a teaching moment for any sharp staffer in his/her department who is willing to pay attention to such things.

I’ll add too that decisions and managerial focuses are much sharper with broader experience.  That a company might have several departments, all of which somehow intertwine, suggests that a really good manager should embrace meaningful conversations and communication to help keep everyone looking in the right direction.