I don’t suppose anyone plans to fail when starting a construction project.  What with all that goes into a project, and especially in the economic climate of southeast Michigan, what more needs to be said?  Profit margins are down, costs are up and continue to grow, and it seems that anyone with a hammer, shovel, ladder, and pick up truck is a “contractor”.

The irony of this is that many of the hardworking men and women in the various construction fields are surviving because they are able to do work at a cost effective price to the homeowner and smaller commercial owners.  Yet their highly competitive rate does not figure in the costs involved in legitimate businesses that must cover payroll taxes, insurance, warranties, and profit.  Yes, profit!

Further still, many of the professional contractors taught their respective trade to those who are now their competition.  Who wins?  Certainly not the project owner!

Indeed, without the legitimate licensed, bonded, insured, certified, trusted contractors that have been around for the past several years, some of whom are second and third generation, where would the industry be?

You get what you pay for.  The professional contractor who has been around a while probably knows what he/she is doing.  That professional knows what it will take to cover you on your project and be there the next time you dial his/her number.

If you have a project in the works and a bid comes in surprisingly low, you better believe the project is not going to get all of the quality and workmanship it deserves.  Double check who you are dealing with and check the product/installation list, as a poor job may be worse down the road than not doing the job in the first place.

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